Sophia & Matthew's prewedding backstage story II

I swept her hair to the side to match her red hand-made chi-pao (made in Taiwan too) as the second look. Virginia TU, our experienced photographer, can turn any ordinary background in this small town into beautiful scene. Street corner, restaurant, store window display, coffee shop … became amazing photo background. Sophia and Mathew were not shy in front of the camera, they expressed themselves quite well whenever Virginia cued them.

I hid Sophia’s long hair to make a curly bob hairstyle for her third look to match the short blue Princess Sweetheart Ruffle Beading dress. The shooting spots were Carmel’s must-visit candy house and bread store. They attentively brought their memorable souvenirs as shooting props. Although those properties might be lost in the future, sweet and beautiful memories will be kept in the pre-wedding photos for a very long time.

We went to the beach for the final spot at sunset. It was quite chilly when onshore wind blew past us, but Sophia insisted to wear bikini swimsuit! We happily ended our whole day work of 10 hours, but I was not tired at all. Thanks for this easy going and hospitable young couple, the project was completed smoothly and came out with good photos. A month later, I saw Sophia posted her pre-wedding images on Facebook. I was so moved when I saw my result. The couple looks so joyful and caring. I wish them happy forever.


第三個造型是將Sophia的長髮收成短髮,配上短蓬裙和她長長的美腿。Yes! 取景就是在麵包店和來Carmel必去的糖果屋。他們很用心,把交往過程中認為重要的紀念品統統帶來,在適時的情況下,這些紀念品就成了最佳的拍攝道具。就算很久以後,紀念品不見了,照片裡還有留有他們美麗的回憶和備份。




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