Sophia & Mattew's prewedding shooting backstage stories I

My friendship with Sophia and Mathew started from a text message a year ago. I got the message sent from the United States in a cold winter morning when I was having breakfast with my mom in Taiwan. We set a date to meet after asking her several simple questions. I like chatting with Sophia because she has an agile voice.

Although photographer Virginia Tu and I never worked together before, we both believed we could make an excellent album because Sophia was very impressive as she treated the pre-wedding photo session seriously. She composed a PowerPoint file to show us their desired style and revised the file whenever she got new idea. We kept communicating with each other through numerous emails and Line messages until the shooting day.

On June 27 2014, we got up early to prepare for our trip to Carmel-by-the-sea, a very romantic town in northern California ( Mathew generously reserved a family room for us, so my husband could come along and take my little one to play on the beach when I was working. I went to their room at 8 am the next day to start preparing their first look - Korean style makeup and hairdo. Sophia especially requested me to apply a natural nude makeup and half updo hair. That look matched her baby pink hand-made wedding gown designed in Taiwan perfectly. She looked like a princess from magazines. When we walked along the streets, people no matter tourists or locals complimented the couple, someone even thought we were taking magazine photos. I also found some travelers following us taking photos of this pretty brideJ

在拍攝婚紗前,我們都是靠電子郵件、Line溝通,非常認真的她,把她和Mathew要的風格和感覺做成PowerPoint,每次有新的想法就加在file裡,讓我和沒有合作過的攝影師,Virginia Tu,非常的感動,也相信大家一起合作,一定能拍出非常棒的作品。
隔天一大早,我八點準時出現在他們房間,開始幫這對快樂的新婚夫妻做造型。第一個白紗造型是Sophia指定的韓式小清新,自然有眼神的裸妝,加上俏麗的公主髮型,搭上她在台灣做的baby pink白紗,整個人變得像雜誌裡跳出來的公主,美麗脫俗。走在浪漫的Carmel街頭,路過的旅客或當地的住民不吝嗇地都給這對新婚夫妻讚美,還有人問我們是不是在拍雜誌,還有路人一直狂偷拍咱們漂亮的新娘哩。
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