Bridal Makeup and Hair for Wendy and Tim's Wedding in SF Bay Area

Wendy was one of those rare brides who looks gorgeous without wearing any makeup. Her skin is smooth; she has delicate facial features, and she’s rather tall. For this kind of exquisite beauty, all she needs is the simple application of some foundation to add an extra touch of beauty. When styling her bridal hair and wedding makeup, it was especially necessary to pay special attention to her temperament. Otherwise, any excessive makeup or hairstyling could have easily damaged her natural beauty.

For this new bride, a thin layer of airbrush foundation was enough. I layered her eyes with a faint hint of Korean style eyeshadow, emphasizing and widening the dimensions of her eyes. She didn’t like the typical over-the-top bridal hairstyles, preferring a simple, elegant half-princess hairdo. This hairstyle was well suited for her relatively small, yet beautiful wedding. Although seemingly rather simple, every step of the styling process – from the curvature of her hair to the layers of curls and the matching jewelry – all required a solid foundational layer and extremely careful planning to achieve a beautiful finished look. Thank you to Wendy for sharing her wedding photos. While she couldn’t leave a public review for professional reasons, hearing her thankfulness was already gratifying enough. Wish Wendy and Tim a very happy and long life together.



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