Bernice & Kelvin's Wedding in Fremont SF Bay Area

Bernice is a girl with sense of humor and I was happy to work with her the whole day till the end of party without feeling exhausted. She found me from web one year before her wedding. When she called me, she told me she was not satisfied with her previous trial result. To make sure her wedding looks are perfect, she insisted for a makeup trial with me.

She planned the wedding by herself, although she was also busy at work. Sometimes it was hard to find her, and she even forgot I am her bridal makeup and hair stylist …

On her wedding day, I arrived half an hour early because I wanted to give her more time to play the “door games”. Her first gown was Gua (traditional Cantonese wedding dress). I braided her hair up as a flower to match her dress and face shape.

Bernice hired me a full day for touch up and changing two wedding looks. Her bridesmaids were helpful, with their great supports, I spent less time to each hair styling, and made her look shiny and pretty during the reception.

Airbrush makeup is a secret weapon for makeup artist if you can handle it. During the whole day, touch up was done once only, but her makeup remained thin and looked natural. What I did for her was only darker eye shadow and another layer of false eyelashes to match her evening gown!

Thanks for her handwriting note and five-stars Yelp review:
Selina did my bridal makeup last Saturday, she was wonderful, she make me look like super star. Her service is outstanding !!!! I couldn't thank her much, beside of doing my makeup she also very accommodating in assisting in whatever way. And she is so professional that on my original run down I'm supposed to have my makeup start at 6:00 she suggested she should come at. 5:30 to get me a better perp and allow her to let me looks perfect. At my bridal suite in my wedding ceremony place, she comforted me, clam me and was so good to help me in every single little detail before I walk down the aisle. I'm so blessed to have found Selina, besides of making me look perfect , she also helps me a lot in every way. I couldn't imagine my wedding day without her.”



Bernice請我跟妝一整天,事實上她很照顧工作人員,讓我一整天工作都不覺得累,她的伴娘們也相當盡力,隨時幫忙,所以能夠在每次換裝時能快速換好髮型。說到Airbrush makeup,我不得不說: 「這是一個非常好的產品,造型師神器」,跟妝一整天下來,沒有補到幾次妝,但是臉上的妝依然保持又薄又清透,只有在晚宴時加深眼影和睫毛,讓整個眼妝嫵媚以配合晚宴場地和晚禮服。


More info: Selina's Bridal Shop Phone: +1 5104936579


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