Tsaiti & Howard's Wedding at The Los Altos History Museum CA

Tsaiti was a very considerate and well-mannered bride. On Yelp, she saw my customer reviews that state I design bridal makeup and bridal hairstyles with a “magic hand.” Immediately afterwards, she called my phone number to make an appointment.

In the weeks leading up to her wedding, we met at a coffee shop to discuss her favorite bridal styles. She let me know all her thoughts about different styles and see her natural, everyday appearance.

She definitely did her homework beforehand, finding plenty of the hottest Korean bridal makeup and hairstyles to show me as a reference. Her research helped me understand her preferences clearly.

We ultimately decided to do her makeup with airbrush, so her skin would be flawless like the skin of a baby. Because she had an oval-shaped face, I combed all of her hair back into a wide updo, and then added a dazzling crystal headband that she provided. Her overall appearance was very fresh and suited to her temperament.

Thanks to Tsaiti for her Yelp Review! Every review is a cherished treasure for me, and they give me ever more encouragement to continue my beloved bridal work with continued gusto and passion.  

Her Review from Yelp:

Selina is an experienced and professional makeup artist. Like most of the brides, I checked Yelp and found her. My husband and I went through the pictures on her website. Boy, she has "magic". You will see some pretty amazing before and after pictures which I kindly asked her not to put mine. She totally respects that.

She met up with me in April for my May wedding at a coffee shop. We went through some pictures and discussed about hairstyle and makeup for my wedding. On my wedding day, she showed up 15 minutes early. The whole process is just easy and I got compliments for my makeup, hair and overall look. You can also borrow some accessories from her with deposit.
The charge is approximately 400 dollars range for makeup and hair. If you have compared with other makeup artists in the bay area, you will find it's a reasonable price. I wish you good luck in preparing your wedding!

Tsaiti是位有氣質又體貼的新娘。她在Yelp上面看到我幫客戶處理的新娘妝和新娘髮型直說我有magic hand,所以在電話線上立即預約我的時間。在她婚禮的前幾週,我們有約在咖啡廳見面,聊聊她喜歡的新娘造型,讓我知道她的想法,我也可以順便看看Tsaiti的樣子。



謝謝Tsaiti的Yelp Review,每一個評價都是我很珍惜,也是給我很大的鼓勵讓我繼續在喜歡的工作上發光發熱。

Makeup and Hair by Selina
Selina's Bridal Shop-Makeup and Hair San Francisco
+1 510 493 6579

Photo by Charles Photography
Charles Photography

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