The charge for an experienced Makeup Artist is not a rip-off

Airbrushing makeup is long lasting, light, and formulated to look like your natural skin tone. Any makeup artist using an airbrushing technique on clients should be well-trained and capable of adjusting colors and densities as needed. It is important to me to maintain a cheerful working attitude. I always hope that my brides are able to relax and enjoy my services during the makeup process, while becoming their most beautiful selves and remembering the beauty of their wedding forever.

I found a bride sharing her bad experience with airbrushing makeup in a forum. She complained that a makeup artist ruined her wedding because of her awful makeup skills and an unpleasant working attitude.

The story from the forum translates in English as follows: 
Last month was my engagement ceremony, and everything was perfect except for one thing: I hired a male-lead stylist team to do my bridal hair and makeup. I’m still kicking myself. By writing in this forum I hope to warn future brides so they don’t make the same mistake.

When we started, they boasted that they would be available online to help select the wedding dresses, provide free and long-lasting eyebrow shaping, and provide unlimited makeup trials before the ceremony. In other words, I would get the services of three bridal artists for the price of one.

In reality, they rarely responded in a timely matter. All the help selecting wedding dresses and answering questions was done by an assistant, rather than the main makeup artist. The only time the male makeup artist got involved was in answering difficult questions or signing the contracts.

As for the free eyebrow trimming, I asked for the service just once. I also only did the unlimited makeup trials once, as they did not have time for me. Although I expected a happy trial run, he insisted that he did makeup for lots of models and celebrities so it was not necessary to do a trial. I was unhappy to get his feedback and finally asked him if he was just playing word games. At last he agreed to a very simple trial just two days before my ceremony: a basic half-face airbrushing foundation and hiding the dark circles under my eyes only.

My makeup and hair were totally different from his professional albums. The quality of the hairdo was especially bad. My eyes were not shaped properly; my fake eyelashes were directly stuck on my eyelids. He drew eye lines only using eye shadow and no waterline at all. I did not know if he was unable or too lazy to draw it?

They always put the brides’ first styling in their albums because they spend the most time on it. My last style for the ceremony was horrible. The hairstyle was unattractive, and the tiara on my head was misplaced. The half updo bun was tilted and the curls were imbalanced on each side. I told them I disliked this style, but found that they were able to change it right away. 

 I was annoyed with a few other things. In the beginning, they told me 3 people would provide the services: one for makeup, one for hair, and one assistant. Actually there were 4. But when I needed someone to help me prepare the dress to step into, none of them could do it. The hairstylists were all wearing their own heavy makeup, having fun playing with the statues in my home, and uploading photos onto social networks. I was speechless: it was as if they were here for fun and dressing up for a night club. When they finally helped me put on the dress, the long ribbons and bows were supposed to be in the back, but the assistant accidentally put them in the front. And I had already sent them pictures from the wedding dress company to show them how it should look!

Their performance was far from the professional standard. With their quality standard, they should charge less expensively and pay more attention to services. My eyes became squint, and my husband did not like his style either. My close friends thought the team did not do a skillful or attentive job. My eyes looked ugly, and their color looked dirty after several touchups.
Their immature airbrushing makeup skill sprinkled onto the hair around my temple, so those hairs looked white. He asked the assistant to wipe paint on my temples but it was useless. Even my photographer told me the makeup was totally wrong. 
My wedding planner told me to hire a full time bridal makeup artist next time. Hiring separate makeup artists and hairstylists is not a smart choice. A full time bridal makeup artist who does hairstyles at the same time can create and change your wedding look quickly. Such professional performance requires a lot of experience

I wrote this article publicly in the forum to inform other brides who haven’t yet found their bridal makeup artist. The ceremony taught me a bitter lesson. I trusted them too easily, when really there was no full face trial run, no confirmed bridal makeup artist or hairstylist, and only a photo album of models, not regular brides.

As harsh as reality is, some things need to be painted clearly in black and white. But even when they are, they might still bring you more regret!

The right hand side photo is Selina's Client using airbrush makeup, and has a great outcome to support a whole day wedding without any touchups.

The left -hand side is the bride sharing her bad experience.

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