Sweet Lizzy's wedding in San Francisco
It has been great working with Lizzy. I felt relaxed though I continuously did makeup and hair for her two moms, two bridesmaids and finally she in 7 hours before the ceremony.

Airbrush makeup technique made her look glossy, and its long-lasting formula kept her  flawless till the end of party. She had two hairstyling: elegant updo for ceremony and romantic side-down for the party. I found she photoed beautifully, especially pretty much looked like a Taiwanese celebrity, Aimee Sun after makeup.

Thanks Lizzy for your trustworthy review.

"Selina is very experienced and skillful. She has a huge collection and accessories and can work with you for any hairstyles you have in mind. I'm also very impressed with her skills and speed. She managed to finish hair and makeup services for 5 people in very short period of time. Her rate is also very reasonable."

很開心和Lizzy一起工作,雖然過程很匆忙,沒有時間讓雙手停下來,但是整個氣氛輕鬆愉快。在七個小時內,完成了五個妝髮: 兩個媽媽、兩位伴娘和美麗的新娘。

噴槍彩妝讓Lizzy整個人看起來容光煥發,無暇的妝感一直持續到宴會結束都不需補妝。Lizzy在婚禮上總共有兩個造型: 優雅的包頭和浪漫的側邊捲髮。整理照片時,我發現完妝之後的Lizzy,在某些角度很像台灣名媛,孫芸芸。


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1:45 AM. Wednesday, January 29, 2014


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