Coco's wedding in Santa Cruz CA

Coco reserved my bridal makeup and hairstyling service without the trial run. We communicated with each other through mails and few calls. She knew what she wanted for her wedding looks, so I could well prepare my tool kits, of course, including the right color of hair extensions.
In her big day, I quickly completed her two moms' makeup and hair, and also her pretty bridesmaid's .  The final 3 hours, I had plenty of time focusing on her and tried my best to make her become a brilliant princess. It's so honorable that Coco likes her two wedding looks.

Coco透過網路,找到Selina's Bridal Shop。她喜歡自然的風格,沒有試妝就預約服務。一直到服務前,我們都只是透過電郵和電話聯絡,因為她很清楚她想要什麼,所以在出發前,準備工具很輕鬆。

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