Airbrush Certificate 噴槍彩妝證書
It has been years that I offer airbrush makeup to my clients. The result is so great! Lots of photographers endorse that such flawless makeup save their time on photo retouching, and clients love it, too. Traditional foudation makeup application by either brush or sponge can't make suchlike outcome. Temptu is  my favorite airbrush makeup brand beauce of its professional formulations and perfect high quality better for sensitive skin. In Septemer 16, I spent a full day taking the workshop to refresh airbrush techniques, and find new products as well. Brides nowaday pursue celebrity style and fashion trends. So, it's quite important for a makeup artist to learn something new, catch fashion trend and  acquire beauty skills to make her own artisty.
提供高清噴槍彩妝服務客戶多年。 許多的攝影師跟都跟我強調過噴槍彩妝的效果非常的好,因此減少他們在照片後製的時間,而且客戶也喜歡這樣零重力、無暇疵的妝感,是一般傳統彩妝無法呈現的效果。喜愛Temptu這個噴槍彩妝品牌是因為它的專業和高品質。9/16花了一整天的時間上課,學習新的噴槍技術,以及認識新的產品。現在的新人已經和以往不同,追求明星時尚和最新流行。因此了解新知識,跟上流行脈動和掌握美容技術,進一步融合成自己的造型風格是造型師相當重要的課題。

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