A super 5-start Yelp Review from Nancy in Napa!!!
Nancy is from East coast, but her wedding location was in famous Napa winery area. We communicated with each other just through emails, and she insisted on a  trial because her previous horrible experience in the local salon. I am so happy to satisfy her and makes her a beautiful memory ever.


Herewith her compliment from Yelp:

Selina is amazing.

I had a horrendous make-up trial with an esteemed local bridal salon, and after almost giving up on finding a makeup artist/hair stylist (I planned my wedding from the east coast), I found Selina on Yelp.

Selina was fast to respond and very flexible on scheduling. I insisted on a trial run due to my horrific experience earlier, and the only time I had available was the day before my wedding! It was basically a blind bet, but I sure am glad I did.

For my trial run, I went to Selina's pretty house where she had a personal station of all sorts of makeup, hair styles, etc. She was extremely attentive to my requests, my concerns and exactly what I needed (eg. double eyelid tape, bigger eyes, flat eyebrown, etc.) She didn't judge at all, and was extremely complimentary throughout the entire trial. I ended up looking like a doll, and kept the same hair & makeup to my rehearsal dinner where I received a lot of compliments.

Now, wedding day... I have 8 bridesmaids and 2 moms, so needless to say, Selina and her assistant needed to work very fast. They were there right on time and brought a very good attitude! We weren't so organized on our end, but Selina was very helpful and flexible. They worked magic on all of my ladies, and finally when it was my turn, Selina's spent extra attention and was very careful, asking me for feedback as she continued. We used airbrush and wow, the effects are amazing! Selina is really good with making you look prettier, but still make it look effortless and look like yourself, just 100x prettier. I have stubborn straight hair (Selina says it's "too healthy") and they spent extra time on my hair to tame it, and eventually made it into a SUPER beautiful braided bun.

Selina & her assistant came with us to my wedding venue and stayed until the ceremony was over, where they quickly turned my look around to an "evening look" which meant touch-ups, heavier eye makeup, and a loosely braided fully let-down hair. I loved both looks so much.

All in all, Selina is so amazing and I can't thank her enough for making me look much more beautiful than my expectations!! All of the photos are for a lifetime, and I am sure when I'm 80, I'll look back at these pictures and think, "wow, i was so pretty back then!!" all thanks to Selina & her assistant :)

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10:35 PM. Wednesday, October 16, 2013


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