"Thank You Note" from Sammi Ju
Sweet Sammi found me from Yelp just few days before her reception. We just had few talks and mails back and forth, and then, I provided what she wanted, and presented her beauty in her big day. She not only gave me a 5-starts comments on yelp, but also a handwriting card.

" 親愛的Selina

意外中在Yelp找到妳,我很有勇氣地skip試妝,只有和你透過電話和電郵的溝通就相信妳可以讓我放心和滿意你的能力。現在我非常肯定我的選擇~是對的! 在喜宴中,大家對我的wedding makeup and hair稱讚。在搭配上我的禮服very stands out而讚不絕口。 Many Thanks on your service 我會大家告訴大家,幫你做宣傳的! 感謝 Sammi 8/26/2013"

It's so touching when I read the content.
Thank you Sammi~
Here is her comment on yelpSammi's comment on Yelp

For more information:
Website:Selina's Bridal Shop
Call: +1 510 493 6579

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