Only a 30-day promotion!

It is a celebrating event for this summer’s brides.

Duration: From June 10th to July 10th 2012

If you book Bride package (makeup and hair together) between 6/10 and 7/10/2012 and hold your wedding reception this year, you will get one bridesmaid makeup for free!

Offer valid in the United States only

For more information, please call Selina +1 510 493 6579

Selina’s bridal shop現在推出訂購新娘造型包套服務贈送一位伴娘化妝活動!
凡是在2012 6/107/10之間訂購新娘造型包套(化妝和髮型),並且會在今年以內完成婚禮,即可免費獲得一位伴娘化妝服務。

欲了解詳情,請電洽Selina +1 510 493 6579

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